Curriculum - Castaheany ETNS 2016/2017

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The curriculum of Castaheany Educate Together School, like that of all Primary Schools in the Republic of Ireland, is laid down by the Department of Education and Science.

Within the boundaries set by the DES, and in accordance with the Primary School Curriculum, the Principal of the school in collaboration with the teachers sets out the aims and objectives of the school and plans in detail the curriculum which is suited to the ethos of the school and the environment in which it is set.

Castaheany Educate Together School aims to create a warm and stimulating environment so that each child may work towards realising his/her highest potential. Parents, children and teachers are on first name terms, which creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere for everyone. In co-operation with parents , the school will work to instill feelings of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-respect in the children.

Within the parameters of the Primary School Curriculum, the objectives are as follows:

1. The achievement of academic excellence for each child according to his/her individual potential.

2. The promotion of cultural enrichment.

Parents and other visitors will be invited and are welcome to share their experiences with the children and teachers, e.g. musicians, people from different cultures etc.

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