Enterprise Awards - Castaheany ETNS 2016/2017

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Enterprise Awards

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The Student Enterprise Awards

Deirdre & Dónal’s 6 th classes have been given the opportunity to take part in this wonderful business adventure this year. We have been very busy over the last couple of months setting up and running on own mini company with our class mates. The process happens in 4 stages:

Stage 1: Ideas (Sept/Oct): This was probably the most important stage, where boys and girls from both classes came up with many different, interesting and promising ideas for our mini company. The difficult part was agreeing on the final type of company & products to produce. So, after much discussion, debate and looking at resources available, cost of materials & production as well as actual time allocation allowed for production, we came up with the ‘Winter Fair’ at Christmas time & the many different products associated with this event.

Stage 2: Started (Oct/Nov): We organised our classes into different groups including marketing, production, finance, advertising and sales. After the initial discussions and final decisions made on products, costs and prices, the marketing team conducted an extensive market research campaign throughout the school. They fed their findings back to the production team who began work immediately.

Stage 3: Sales (Dec): Early December the advertising campaign kicked off with colourful and informative posters designed and displayed all over the school, as well as some festive and entertaining intercom jingles and a dramatic entrance to our school Friday morning assembly with a number of ‘Winter Fair’ products on show! The actual sale day was organised for December 19 th in our PE hall. There was large scale production on the final days prior to selling and careful finishing of products to the best standard. Great attention to display, selling techniques and promoting of products to win sales was the aim!

On the 19 th of December, 2013, Deirdre’s 6th Class participated in the Winter Fair. This is a short summary of what happened;

9:45 - Preparation Our class went down to the hall and set up shop. We got all the stalls ready and went for break straight after setting up due to getting delayed.

10:15 – Final Preparation We put the finishing touches to the stalls and got our stations ready. We had many products including, Jingle Stars, Wonder Wood, Circles of Life, Fabric Ornaments, Sparkle Jars and many more on the side. We also had a ‘Mini Sweet Bar’ and a face painting station.

10:30 – Sales
Sales started at half ten and blew straight through the roof. The first class to which we sold to was Grainne’s Junior Infants and Connor’s 3rd Class. At one point Deirdre got out her guitar and strumming skills and asked some people from the different stalls to sing some Christmas Carols with her.

11:00 – Sales
Sales increased even more very quickly & product started to shift very quickly. On reflection we really needed to have produced more products to last the entire day!

12:00 – Lunch (Nom Nom Nom)
During lunch we chatted about all the progress that we’d overcome. Some parents arrived to sample (buy, really) some of our products. Even Maria from the 6th Class P.I.E Baking program had arrived to sample our products!

12:30 – Back to Work (I don’t like work!) After lunch, we headed back to our stations for more money makin’ progress! The Wonder Wood stall had already run out before the 4 th class had arrived! Straight after, our Mini Sweet Bar had sold out after so much money makin’.

13:30 – Clean-Up Time (Aww Man!) All of the sales had finally finished and we’d started to clean up (No!!!!!!!). The hall was a down right mess. Straight after cleaning up we tallied up the sales.

Here are the final earnings (not including the expenses);
Wonder Wood: €65
Circles of Life: €47
Jingle Stars: €61
Sparkle Jars: €99
Baking (Yum) €51
Winter Fabrics: €16.83

Altogether we had a great experience! We learnt lots of life skills. We had a blast running our own company and we hope you will too when you are in 6th Class.

By: Nausher Rao and Ci Qing Tai
Deirdre’s 6th Class

Enterprise Award Summary

Hello, this is Deirdre’s 6th class and this is our short summary on the day of the Enterprise Awards.

All the reps reached and met up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 8AM. We first had to claim our stalls and we had two hours of preparation to set up our stall. At 9:30 a.m., we finished preparing our stalls and display. We got to look around in the secondary category stalls. At approximately 11AM, the judging began for the primary schools. There were three judges going around, chatting to the student reps and examining their products. Ones the judges reached our stall, we started to give a short summary of our company and everyone got a chance to speak.

At 12PM – 12:30PM, we had lunch at the Forchetta Restaurant and then after a lovely meal, we went back to our stalls. One more judge came around afterwards. After the judging ceased, the Lord Mayor of Fingal County Council came around and met all the schools. We got to takes photos with him.

At 1PM – 2:45PM, all the schools gathered for the ceremony. The host was a 2FM DJ, Rich O’Shea. He had a great sense of humour, he ever missed a whole sheet of his script! He announced all the winners from the different categories and saves the best for last, the Primary School Award. Unfortunately we didn’t win but we had a great experience and a wonderful time working together and making a great company. We thank all teachers and parents who helped us and encouraged us through the business. It taught us many things about life and cooperation.

Nausher Rao & Sahar Ekky

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