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About Us

Learn Together is an ethical education curriculum taught in Educate Together schools. It is made up of four strands-Moral and Spiritual; Equality and Justice; Belief Systems and Ethics and the Environment.


Moral and Spiritual: The general aim of the strand is to help develop in children a critical knowledge, understanding and awareness of right and wrong and a heightened awareness of social, ethical and moral standards through reflecting on the meaning and purposes of life. The strand should encourage and develop the individual on the journey to inner discovery and empower the child to make informed moral decisions.

In Castaheany E.T.N.S., we have weekly assembly themes, e.g. being a good friend, building resilience, including others, being respectful, being co-operative, etc. We learn about these themes and work on how to apply them to our lives. We look at morals in our own lives, but also on a local and global scale as we get older. We have in-class and whole-school quiet time and relaxation time where children are given a chance to sit, be still and quiet and reflect on different topics, e.g. how good it is to be me, resolving conflicts, feeling motivated, etc. Look out for our assembly themes in our newsletter!


Equality and Justice: The general aim of this strand is to develop in children a critical knowledge, understanding and awareness of issues relating to human rights, equality, culture and diversity, social justice and social inclusiveness and to empower them to make a difference.

Through this strand, children become aware of the rights they have, and also learn about others who do not get these rights. They learn about human rights activists and ways they can help those whose rights are not being recognised. They learn about children's and human rights through lessons about rights and responsibilities: democratically drawing up class rules and/or contracts; and voting for and participating in our Student Council. We also have focus fortnights in which we concentrate on equality and justice issues: Global Goals in October, Children's Fortnight in November, Castaheany Pride and Equality Fortnight in May (examining the Equal Status Act).

Children learn about ways that they can contribute to an equal and fair society, e.g. lessons about Fair Trade, Amnesty International, Show Racism the Red Card, Inclusive Schools Week, etc. We all also get the fantastic opportunity to learn about diversity through class discussions and lessons about childrens’ own home lives, and the lives of others around the world. We are very proud to be one of the first schools in Ireland to win a Yellow Flag for promoting and supporting an environment of interculturalism, and to recently be recognised as a Global Citizenship School. Interculturalism, active citizenship and equality are at the heart of the ethos of Castaheany Educate Together.


Belief Systems: The general aim of this strand is to develop in children a critical knowledge, understanding and awareness of the teachings of religious and non-theistic belief systems and how these systems relate to our shared human experience. The emphasis will be placed nurturing a respect for a person’s right to hold and practice individual belief systems and creating spaces where values can be articulated and critically examined.

Children get the opportunity to learn about their own belief systems and the belief systems of others in this strand. We teach a spiral curriculum where children’s knowledge of belief systems is built upon each year, exploring the similarities and differences that exist between belief systems.

We teach about belief systems in a non-instructional manner. We love to have parents visit classes and talk about their beliefs to support teachers in teaching this strand. Please talk to Mary, Erica or Emer if you would like to become involved in doing this.


Ethics and the Environment: The aim of this strand is to develop in children knowledge, appreciation and respect for their environment and to empower them to take an active role in its stewardship. We encourage the children in our school to be active citizens in looking after the environment through Green Schools initiatives, Global Goals awareness and action and looking after our beautiful school garden. We are very proud to be a Green Flag school. The children are encouraged to recycle any waste that is created, to save water and electricity and walk/cycle/skate to school. They are also encouraged to take responsibility for the local environment in our Clean-Up Ongar campaign.

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