Maths Recovery - Castaheany ETNS 2016/2017

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Maths Recovery

School Initiatives

Maths Recovery is a one to one maths programme which focuses mainly on improving a child’s understanding of number. The programme is not age related and involves no reading or writing for the child. Most of the work is done orally. Children are helped to discover and use strategies for working out math problems at their own pace. Sarah, our Maths Recovery teacher, has received extensive and continuous training in implementing the programme. She works with individual children, groups of children and team teaches in-class in Junior and Senior Infants.

Maths Recovery focuses on developing

• a facility with number words and number word sequences,

• the ability to recognise, identify and write numerals,

• emerging strategies for adding and subtracting,

• emerging knowledge of the tens and ones aspect of the numeration system and emerging methods of notation in arithmetic.

Pupils are involved in a range of activities including counting, grouping, number words and numerals.

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