P.I.E - Castaheany ETNS 2016/2017

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School Initiatives

The PIE (Personal Incentive Enrichment) Programme is a positive behaviour system specially developed to meet the needs of 6 th class children at Castaheany Educate Together. It is based on the idea of the students taking responsibility for their own behaviour. The system is centred around fun and educational activities which the students participate in every Friday. The PIE activities are all focussed on enriching the students in some way and they include: Cooking (including making their own healthy lunches), Street dance, Film making, Photography, Self-defence, Fitness Classes, Crafts, Entrepreneurial activities and Samba Drumming. At the end of each week students who have a full PIE’s can participate in the activities!
Thank you to all the staff, parents, instructors, tutors and of course the children who have made this initiative one which is fun, enriching and of huge benefit to the school community.

What is the pie programme?
Well the pie programme is a substitute for the sixth class traffic lights.

How does it work?

On a pie chart there are six pieces of pie. Each student has their own pie chart in front of their desk so they can remember if they have to gain any pie pieces back or just to remind them how well they are doing.
Students lose pie for negative behaviour. Pie can be earned back if behaviour improves.
At the end of the week whoever is on a full pie gets to do a fun activity (ex. Art, Baking and cooking, gardening, kick boxing etc.)
Each Monday every student starts with a full pie chart, with the aim of having that full pie on Friday. The fun activity on Friday is a motivation for students to try their best for the week!

Does it have a positive effect on students?
The PIE programme has a positive effect on students because it encourages them to behave well in school.
During the PIE activities students discover their likes and dislikes. This also helps them choose their options for secondary school and develop their talents and social skills.

At Castaheany Educate Together sixth class got to do many activities such as Kickboxing, glass art, cooking and baking, hip hop and a lot more!

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