Student Council - Castaheany ETNS 2016/2017

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Student Council

School Initiatives

Our Student Council

We are a voice for our students, for sharing everyone's opinions and ideas! The Student Council has discussions, makes suggestions and decisions and thinks of ideas for the school. We organise fundraising events for our school and for charity. We make suggestions and decisions on topics such as: school rules, friendship, care for the building, health and safety, anti-bullying, making the yard a happy place and lots more very important parts of school life. There are two representatives from each class, from 1st class to 6th class. The reps take your questions, ideas and suggestions, from the suggestion box in each room, to the council meeting.
During the month of October, we will hold campaigns in each class. On voting day, the new student council reps are voted in.

This is how Castaheanys amazing student council works

Castaheany’s Student Council have been working very hard for the past few years, achieving unimaginable goals every year.

How did we get on the Student Council?
We were elected on the Student Council by our classmates. We started our campaign in September. We made posters, speeches, PowerPoints and stickers to let everyone know that we are prepared to be part of the Student Council. We had to show our class how we would represent our class and the school. Our speeches had to tell everyone what we wanted to do, how we would do it and why we are perfect for the job. On the final day everyone voted for the person they thought was the best. Finally it was announced who was our new representative.

What do we do?

Every second Tuesday, the two reps from each class (1 st – 6 th) would come at 12 o clock to the HSLC room to attend a Student Council meeting. Pupils in the school write down suggestions and put them in are suggestion box. On Monday the rep choose an issue and gives it to our Chairperson and our Secretary, then it will be printed on to our Agenda. On Thursday at 12 o’clock we start to discuss the issues. Once we hear every ones’ opinions we do a majority vote on who agrees and who disagrees. On Friday our Chairperson and our Secretary take all the issues that we agreed on to our wonderful principal Mary, and then it’s up to her to make a final decision on the issues or bring them to staff/Board of Management if necessary.

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